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Punita Group has been sourcing, manufacturing and importing and distributing goods since 1989. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, Punita Group has offices in India and China that oversee the entire manufacturing aspect of the supply chain, such as sourcing, tooling, factory production, quality inspections, insurance and timely shipment of goods. Our excellent relationship within the supply chain allows us the opportunity to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.


Our mission is to continually exceed all customer and supplier expectations, to create life-long relationships that result in a supply chain that yields premium quality goods at the best possible price.

We promise that we will continually work to exceed absolutely all expectations; we welcome the challenge.






About Us

Our journey began in 1989 as an Indian leather wallet importer. We started with just one box which eventually turned into one pallet, and that pallet soon turned into one full container. Wallets were just our beginning, since then we have evolved into something much larger and much more relevant.

Our first big break came in 1999 with our partnership with Flying J, as their exclusive importer of general merchandise. This business model of total transparency that we developed with Flying J would usher in a new era of sourcing and direct importing for Punita Group. Since then our evolution has come with time. We have been expanding slowly but steadily. With the growth of our company, we have adapted to new market demands, added a variety of other categories, and now import several hundred 40’ containers a year. And our customer base ranges widely, from truck stops, to catalog companies, farm stores, convenient stores, discount stores and even grocery chains. Further, we have enjoyed producing private-label goods for many different well-recognizable brands

Our product categories consist of hundreds of products in categories such as leather goods, personal accessories, consumer electronics, drinkware, headwear, travel gear/accessories, plush toys, towels, fleece/falsa blankets, gloves, Christmas trees, barbecue grills, solar lights, long-handled garden tools and much more!

Finally, the main foundation of our company is our values. Our company’s values come from the quality of our products and our exemplary supply chain. Punita Group has and will continue to establish meaningful business relationships because of our reliability and what we accomplish for our customers. We have made and will continue to make Punita Group the number one choice among buyers.