Punita Group

Punita Group is a vertically integrated multi-national corporation within the sourcing/import/distribution industry. We consistently focus on reducing cost within our supply chain and capitalize on upstream/downstream profits, significantly reducing costs down the line, for our customer. Further, with offices and employees on the ground in India and China, we have access to distribution channels that are often inaccessible from the United States. Further, these employees are able to conduct consistent and random Quality Control checks throughout the production process.

Our business model is based on the values instilled within us from the birth of this corporation; in order for us to succeed, you need to succeed. If we do not to our job to the best of our abilities, you will not succeed. We are a corporation with long-term visibility, we measure our success upon your success and we build a partnership that you can trust in. We understand that capturing your genuine trust of our Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Efficiency and Dedication is what it will take to create success for all of us.

Facilitating Market Globalization






Freight Forwarding
















Workflow Strategy

Designing and Building

Before we receive a sample, we start working on packaging designs so that as soon as after the sample is tested and approved we can immediately begin building the planogram.

In Addition to building the planogram, we create full pricing breakdowns, including FOB Cost to present for your approval.

Sourcing and Sampling

In order to secure the perfect factory we need to know about all of them, and then compare the cost and quality between them.

Once our team has found and vetted the factory, they will test and aprove the product in China, and then ship us samples, along with the first cost breakdown.

Product Requirements

Category manager will give us category and product requirements on the section and items within that set

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Pay Deposit and Begin Production

Once the build-out is accepted and the factory is wired a deposit, the factory begins production. The two standards for production time in China are 30 days and 60 days

Shipping and Transit Time

Once production is complete, the factory ships the goods to the port. After releasing all necessary documents, the container is loaded and in transit to the destination port in the US. After landing here and providing all documentation, customs will release the shipment and a trucker will bring it to your door. The average total transit time is about 45 days.

Brands & licenses

“Our cores values are what get us HIRED”

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